Respiratory Fit Testing

We offer qualitative testing for North and 3M respirators. A self-seal test is not a substitute for quantitative or qualitative fit tests used to select the appropriate size and model of your respirator.

Fit testing must be done:

    • At least every 2 years
    • When there is change in the respirator face piece
    • When a user’s physical condition changes which may affect the fit of the respirator



Cleaning and sanitizing shall be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Disposable respirators are disposed of after use as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions. Limitations are the restrictions, warnings, cautions and prohibitions imposed by the manufacturers, certification and testing agencies, regulatory authorities and the employer on the care, use and maintenance of the respirator.

The fit testing will only be done only if the user is clean shaven as per CSA regulations. (No Exceptions) 

Call us at 519-972-6605 or Email Us to schedule a fit test.

(Fit Test Hours: M-F 7:00-11:00 AM and 1:30-3:30 PM)

 Fire Extinguisher Inspections




We offer recurring yearly inspection of fire extinguishers at your workplace, which includes a visual inspection, powder check, re-tagging and determining if the unit requires servicing. Call us at (519) 972-6605 or Email Us to set up an appointment to have your facility inspected or just stop by our store with your extinguishers and they can be inspected and re-tagged on the spot.


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Safety Equipment Rental

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We rent the following safety equipment for short term projects:

  • Air Monitors
  • Ventilation Air Blower
  • Confined Space Equipment
  • Sound Level Meters
  • Traffic Cones
  • Safety Fence
  • Construction Road Signs
  • Post Pounder
  • Traffic Vests

Contact us to inquire further:

Phone: (519)972-6605

Email Us


Safety Training Courses

At Great Lakes Safety Products we offer a variety of safety training courses. To inquire about any of our courses, please check the box next to the service and then click the “inquire” button at the bottom of the page.

Custom Signs

Here at Great Lakes Safety Products we can create custom signs for you and your business.  A customized sign is a cost efficient way to help give your business a more polished appearance and help promote your brand. We are able to create signs customized with your company or personal logo.

Below are a few examples of custom signs that we have created in the past:


The signs can be printed on plastic, metal (reflective and non-reflective), corroplast and vinyl or laminate adhesive (peel and stick).

If you have any questions or would like a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click Here to Download Custom Sign Order Form (.PDF)

 What Is CSA?

CSA stands for the Canadian Standards Association. For more than 80 years CSA has been developing methods for testing and certifying a wide range of products. If a product is CSA approved that means that it has been formally tested and meets certain standards for either safety or product performance.

You can tell if a product has been CSA approved by checking if it bears one of the following marks: